World of Cronusart


Welcome to the World of Cronusart, where Swiss precision harmonizes with Asian creativity. Established in Switzerland in 2005, we soon set roots in the vibrant pulse of Hong Kong. In this nexus of tradition and modernity, we craft watches that reflect a similar duality.


Derived from Cronus, the Greek god and master of time, our brand embodies a revolutionary spirit. We champion individuality, bravery, and the spirit of rebellion – qualities resonating with today's youthful generation. Cronusart symbolizes a fusion of time, valor, and individualism.

Our dedication

To deliver design excellence, innovative materials, and unmatched functionality. From countless designs, only the pinnacle of our creations, those exemplifying perfection, represent Cronusart. We blend timeless watch aesthetics with contemporary flair, catering to trailblazers like young entrepreneurs and artists who value a blend of tradition and innovation.

Brand Technology

Cronusart leads the charge in synthetic sapphire technology. Within our state-of-the-art sapphire workshop, we collaborate with digital material scientists to continuously innovate sapphire crystal development.

This innovation encompasses various shapes, colors, and performance enhancements, establishing new industry standards and serving as a cornerstone for technological progress in the sapphire sector.

In our unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, we've invested in state-of-the-art CNC equipment, maintaining a pristine, dust-free workshop environment throughout production.

Our dedication to quality not only surpasses the rigorous demands of top-tier luxury watch brands but also solidifies our reputation as sapphire watchmaking experts. We are devoted to advancing the boundaries of sapphire technology and serving as industry leaders.

Sapphire Art

Cronusart is renowned for our mastery of sapphire craftsmanship, pioneering the sapphire technology landscape. In our cutting-edge sapphire lab, we expertly engineer sapphire crystals of diverse forms and colors.

Our meticulous 28-day process begins with the synthesis of raw materials, followed by 28 continuous hours of precision grinding. With a remarkable 28% elimination rate, we apply multiple high-temperature coatings at 280°C.

Our sapphire technology not only sets industry benchmarks but also garners recognition from luxury watch brands worldwide. This acknowledgment solidifies our position as premier sapphire specialists.

At Cronusart, every sapphire timepiece transcends the notion of a mere watch; it symbolizes mutual respect and reflects our unyielding pursuit of horological perfection.

"Dive into the world of Cronusart, and find the watch that resonates with your very essence."