Sapphire Art

Sapphire Art

Innovation as the Driving Force: CRONUSART's Ethos

For years, innovation has been the fuel that propels CRONUSART forward. Our ethos, deeply rooted in pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, aligns perfectly with the needs of our discerning customers.


The Groundbreaking '28 Sapphire Process Rules

These rules reflect our relentless pursuit of perfection. The number 28 is symbolic of our rigorous production process, highlighting our meticulous attention to detail. Our 28-day synthesis for raw materials embodies our patience and precision, ensuring each material achieves its prime condition before advancing to the next stage. Then comes 28 continuous hours of grinding, essential for achieving the smooth finish and radiant shine distinctive of our timepieces. Maintaining a minimum 28% elimination rate, we affirm our commitment to excellence. Our 280℃ high-temperature multi-layer coating process not only enhances the aesthetics of our watches but also ensures their durability.


Exquisite Sapphire Watches: A Testament to Quality and Innovation

Adhering to our '28 Sapphire Process Rules', we create exquisite sapphire watches that embody our commitment to quality, innovation, and mutual respect for our clientele. Our signature technique is the four-fold cutting and polishing of large-sized, flawless sapphires until they achieve the perfect ergonomic curvature. This method truly sets us apart and signifies our ability to harness the robustness and beauty of sapphires. At CRONUSART, each watch is more than a timepiece; it's a tangible testament to our unwavering pursuit of perfectio

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